Making it easier and more profitable for cattle ranchers

What is FIP?

Future Internet Pasture

FIP is a startup project for developing a new herd management application for cattle ranchers with the use of smart solutions.

We have been granted by the FIWARE Accelerator Programme to successfully achieve the first milestone of the implementation and create a working prototype.

The ultimate objective of FIP project is to build up the dominant platform for precision grazing beef cattle management with integrated software and linked devices which applies smart solutions and put focus also on pasture not only on animals.

We started the development of our application in March 2015 and we had our first prototype in September 2015.

We are testing the prototype till March 2016. The launch on the global market will start in April 2016.

Do you want to try FIP?

If you have beef cows on your farm you can apply for being our test partner!
Please contact us to try FIP for FREE during the test period!